The Great Outdoors are one of Ireland's largest retailers of outdoor equipment & gear.

Myth was approached by The Great Outdoors to help them develop their reputable digital presence. Being around for over 40 years, they knew exactly what they wanted but needed us to steer a more strategic approach into the global spending behaviours of consumers.

Working closely we've helped tackle the challenges of shopping online using human-centered design to rethink the outdoor-shopping experience across social media and online platforms.

Great Outdoors
Great Outdoors Great Outdoors


Utilising out-of-the-ordinary approaches to digital marketing, we tested new ideas to build curiosity with consumers. A tech-savvy approach to product marketing, we used Facebook 360 as a pro-active approach to product placement and social media engagement. Customers were able to interact with products in the comfort of their own home.

Great Outdoors


We have worked with The Great Outdoors for just over 1 year to help establish them as Ireland's one-stop outdoors store. With stiff competition from large global brands, our digital strategy is focussed purely on reputation and customer service – ensuring our digital marketing and online presence pushes all boundaries.

Great Outdoors Great Outdoors Great Outdoors


Myth were tasked with increasing online sales and brand awareness. Whilst keeping a loyal community of outdoor enthusiasts as their fanbase. Their community is growing rapidly with over 25,000 loyal fans across all platforms.