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Tech Audit

Get a free, no-BS audit of your tech. Zero sales fluff, we promise. We'll cover:

  • Is it built well?
  • Is it built to scale?
  • Is it performant?
  • Is it secure and safe?
  • Is it intuitive to use and designed well (UX)?
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Still not convined? Check out the FAQs below.

Let's answer some queries we get regularly

We get asked some frequent questions about our audit. Let’s see if we are a fit.

  • I'm not giving a stranger access to my code!

    Calm down.

    Firstly, we're a credible startup product development company with offices in Belfast and Dublin.

    Secondly, we don't need (or want) access to your code. We just need to look at it from afar, our technical director is very good but can't download code into his brain by looking at it (yet).

    Lastly, we have NDAs ready to cover you, just request one when booking a session.

  • Will you sign an NDA?

    Yes. We have NDAs on-hand ready to sign. Just request one when booking a session and we'll send it by esignature before the session. Alternatively, you're welcome to send us your own.

  • What does it cost?

    Nothing. It's free. No strings attached. While we'd be thrilled to partner for improvements, feel free to use our insights as you see fit. We're here to guide, not to sell.

  • How long does it take?

    This is a lightweight audit. We keep it to 30 minutes, which is more than enough time to have a look and give you some suggestions and a mini-report.

  • What do I get after the audit?

    We'll provide you with a lightweight one-pager report explaining our findings and we'll talk you through them as we do the audit.

  • Do you offer more comprehensive tech audit?

    Yes. We offer a range of audits, including a full SaaS tech and product audit which includes a comprehensive report and action plan. This one is not free, give us a call and we can discuss it further.