SeeMe is changing how people find jobs. An end-to-end recruitment platform, to enable applicants to find, apply and track job applications whilst allowing employers to stay in control the entire time. Applicants will also be matched to jobs using an in-depth algorithm we helped develop. We partnered to design & develop the new platform and app, bringing it to the fingertips of users.
An experience for everyone

One thing that was apparent right from the beginning was that our strategy and user experience should appeal to everyone. Usually our initial strategy focusses specifically on a particular demographic or user, but everyone job hunts at least once in their life.

We designed the iOS app and online user interface with this in mind. Our intuitive app design allows users from any background to always stay up to date with their job updates, easily find new opportunities and apply for jobs in just a few taps.

Online job board

Our complex integrated algorithm allows users to be shown opportunities based on their information. However aside from that users, have the ability to look for jobs via the SeeMe job board. They may apply for any of these jobs if they match the criteria.

The Lir