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One Year At Myth

Stephen McShannock
Stephen McShannock Updated 2 minutes read

Hi! My name is Stephen McShannock and I have been the UX Designer at Myth for a year now, and what a great year it’s been.

My background

In 2018 I completed the BSc. (Hons) in Interactive Multimedia Design degree with First Class Honours at Ulster University. At the same time, I also freelanced heavily in both Graphic & Web design under my brand; McShannock Design.

My freelancing work saw me collaborate with some excellent designers and developers and also work with some of the most well-established clients in the country.

Before making the move to Myth and becoming a UX Designer, I was a Front-End Web Developer at another Belfast-based agency. This role, combined with my education and freelancing in web development has helped me gain another perspective, along with a firm understanding of what is achievable when balancing functionality with aesthetically pleasing designs.

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What does my role consist of at Myth, and what have I learned?

Since starting Myth and taking on the UX Designer role within the team, I have gained so much valuable life experience in a fast-paced agile agency.

I’ve been learning new things daily whilst at Myth, enhancing my skill set from working with a broad range of clients from across the globe.

My day-to-day tasks could range anywhere from client and/or team meetings, brainstorming current projects, researching, sketching, and even the odd bit of front-end coding. But mostly, I spend the majority of my day in Figma or Sketch creating cool designs with user experience at the forefront.

When I’m not doing any of the above, then I’m either eating lunch or playing pool - sometimes both!

The Myth Team

One of the most important aspects of the job for me is working within a small team where you’re not just a number. Small teams tend to be closer and everyone's personalities shine through. This makes collaborating on projects much more creative and enjoyable.

Being able to call the people you work with friends makes a massive difference too. This is certainly the case at Myth; we know a lot about each other and our personal lives. Keeping the team close-knit helps hold on to the personal aspect which is passed onto client projects, where they are ensured a bespoke approach.

There is very rarely that a day goes by that we don’t have an across-the-table discussion about Cryptocurrency and what the Crypto Market is currently doing. On occasion, there is also the odd midnight group chat message discussing what the market is doing, in particular Bitcoin.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier working at Myth. I have great teammates who all work together seamlessly. We tackle challenges together as a team and I’ve never had a bad day at Myth, apart from when Bitcoin dumped following one of the infamous Elon Musk tweets.

That being said, I do look forward to seeing what the next few years at Myth have in store.

Stephen McShannock
Stephen McShannock