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What To Expect When Starting A Software Development Project

Jen McCullough
Jen McCullough Updated 1 minute read

Here at Myth we appreciate that developing custom digital solutions may be new to many businesses. We pride ourselves on our transparency, we are here to cut through the jargon and create clarity around your options for solutions that best address your needs.

In our early communications we will develop an understanding of the project, business and area of development. Once we have a good understanding of the business, user and gap or problem we can then begin to build a picture of what the best technical solution may look like. We will build an understanding of your business/concept, your market and customer and a picture of the market. This is where we can offer lots of options and guidance on the technical possibilities to find the best solution for your needs.

From this point we will develop a proposal illustrating features, costs etc and once agreed we are ready to start the project. We will meet for a discovery session (either in person or via Zoom) In this discussion we will ensure that our understanding of the user, customer and brief are cohesive with that of the client; this is critical to our workflow as the client brief is referred to throughout development to ensure we are truly addressing the needs at the centre of the project. By being informed of the business objectives early on we can design the website/platform/digital product with your needs at the centre.

Jen McCullough
Jen McCullough