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Why We Built Our Own Client Hub Software

Jen McCullough
Jen McCullough Updated 2 minutes read

By now you’ve probably gathered that we love custom software - and that’s not just because we build it.

Form our own experience we know what its like to pay for several off-the-shelf subscription services only to be using a small percentage of them. Because off the shelf solutions have to serve a broad audience they will often have features that you will neither need nor use but still have to pay for and clutter the user experience. In fact some suggest that up to 80% of the available feats can go unused. This is only amplified when multiple off-the-shelf solutions are being used, resulting in inefficiencies spread across several subscriptions.

At Myth we had this exact problem. After trying several leading CRM, sales and project management tools, none of which really hit the spot, so we decided to build our own. Myth Hub is our own project management tool simplified the process and allows us to manage pipeline, active and past projects on one platform. It was so good in fact we wanted to share it with clients and built Client Hub.

Every client, large or small, gets their own client log in details to their Myth client profile. The Client Hub provides an overview of the project, status updates and stores relevant documents, view updates on progress and submit support queries, all of which can be accessed 24/7. When coupled with a designated Project Manager as the single point of contact our clients have true control and clarity over their project as it progress.

Even after project completion client maintain access for ongoing access to project documents. In addition if support is needed on the project for amends or fixes the client support provided an initial contact point for reporting issues and logging tickets.

Myth Hub Screen Client
Jen McCullough
Jen McCullough