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What You Need To Know About Mobile App Development Outsourcing

Jen McCullough
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You’ve got a great idea for a mobile app that will catapult your business into the future, but how do you make it happen? No-code solutions like Adalo and Glide are being developed and improved all the time to allow non-developers the opportunity to create mobile apps, but generally these don't offer the capabilities to build an app to commercial quality.

Or maybe you do have a good idea of how to make a mobile app, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got the time or resources to develop one. Outsourcing is the solution for businesses that want to make a memorable impact that builds brand awareness competitively.

What do businesses need to know about mobile app development outsourcing?

When do businesses outsource?

As we move into the digital age, we’ve noticed a steady increase in business software investment. More and more companies are seeing the value of custom software, and one of the most popular types of custom software is mobile apps.

When you read about the benefits of a mobile app for your brand, it’s no wonder entrepreneurs are investing. Here are four of the main reasons businesses choose to outsource mobile app development.

1. They lack the skills internally.

Unless you’re in the business of development, it’s unlikely you have anyone in your team with the skills to build a mobile app from scratch. It’s not often within the possibilities of a company to have its own internal development team. Even if you're a business owner with a technical background, it's unlikely you'll have the capacity to build an app to completion in a reasonable timescale.

If you do have the resources to hire an in-house team or, as the business owner, it's a project you know you can take on there's little stopping you. But in our experience, it's rare for businesses to have these skills unless they're already in the development industry.

It's also important to consider specific mobile app development skills. Will your development team need to train in tools like React Native or understand cross-platform app development to produce a mobile app that sets your brand apart from the rest?

Mobile apps must work on different devices and operating systems, so your developer will need to be familiar with building for Android and iOS. Cross-platform mobile app development is essential in today’s world if you plan to reach your whole demographic. Your mobile app developer will need to be trained in mobile app languages and frameworks that might not be familiar to website developers.

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2. They don’t have the capacity or resources.

It’s not uncommon for companies to lack the resources and capacity to take on such a project. Depending on factors like the intended functionality and the mobile app tech stack we use, app development projects can take 16 weeks or longer to complete. Outsourcing your project means you don’t have to give up resources that would cause business operations to suffer.

Contrary to popular belief, hiring an agency to create a mobile app is probably the most cost-effective way to produce your mobile app. At Myth Digital, our mobile app developers are highly skilled and experienced. They’re capable of working very quickly and efficiently. As a team, they pool their knowledge on mobile app tools, software, and processes and support each other to overcome challenges throughout the project. This all contributes to a better return on investment.

3. They’re limited by a deadline.

When we talk about timescales for mobile app development, we think about them in terms of a team. Several developers are working on your app throughout the project. Your dedicated point of contact is solely responsible for ensuring your mobile app project is executed smoothly and efficiently.

Our clients get access to the Myth client support hub which we built to give our clients the most productive line of communication on all matters of support, whether day or night. You get regular feedback emails, calls, and meetings. We’ve set all of this up to ensure your app is built as swiftly as possible without cutting back on quality. We’re a well-oiled machine.

If you don’t outsource, well you don’t get all of that.

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4. They want to innovate.

Mobile apps are not going away. If you’re a business owner feeling the pressure to get an app because you’ve seen all your competitors doing it, you’re on the right track. Today, consumers are presented with faster, flashier, and easier-to-use UX and UI daily. Having a website to support your business isn’t enough anymore.

Business owners seeking to increase brand awareness and revenue with a mobile app need to mobilise their plans right now to stay ahead of the curve.

Outsourcing your mobile app project not only ensures your app will be produced faster and more efficiently, but you also get access to a rich, deep pool of talent, insights, and creativity. It’s our job to be on the cutting edge of mobile app innovation at all times if we intend to remain one of the most progressive and successful mobile app developers in Northern Ireland.

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Let’s have a quick look at some of the pros and cons of outsourcing your project. Each agency is different, so there’s no guarantee you’ll have the same experience across the board. Nevertheless, here are some of the more common pros and cons of outsourcing to a development agency.



Access industry-standard talent, creativity, and skills.

You may be guided by your agency rather than having full control in some cases.

Save money compared with hiring a team of designers and developers full-time.

Less direct contact with your developer or development team than if in-house.

Faster turnaround on your project thanks to a team of professionals.

Less communication with your developer than if they were in the office with you.

Access best practices and ongoing support long after your app is built.

Hiring replacement developers or outsourcing elements can create a disjointed project.

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How to Outsource your Mobile App Project Successfully

Define your parameters clearly.

How will you know if your project is a success? Start on the right foot with a clearly defined objective, budget, and timeframe. If you’re not sure about some of these factors, a good mobile app agency will be able to help you. Ensure these parameters and KPIs are agreed upon at the beginning of your project for a satisfying outcome.

Choose the right agency.

Agencies differ widely in their specialisms, approaches, styles, and skill sets. Finding the right one for your brand is key. Not only will you ensure they know how to handle your unique needs, but gelling with the team on your project ensures smooth sailing and better communication to get what you want. Here are some things that must be considered.

  • Does the agency have previous experience in similar industries or project types? Check their online portfolio.

  • Have they worked with businesses of your scale before? This is as important for small and large companies.

  • Have you met the team you would be working with and had a chance to get to know them?

  • Have you come to an agreement on what to expect for the budget for the project?

  • Have you shopped around and compared agencies rather than choosing the first one that seems like a good fit?

Read our article Questions to Ask a Mobile App Developer Before Working With Them to ensure you’ve found the right fit. If you want to know more about how to choose the right mobile app development agency, we’ve covered that too.

Maintain continuous improvement.

Throughout your project and after completion, a good agency is one that provides continued proactive maintenance and improvement. Regular update meetings or calls should be arranged for the course of your project as standard, but pay attention to your agency’s communications throughout the pitch and before you sign a contract with them.

It’s also important to find out about their support and maintenance services. Your app will need regular updates, and if anything goes wrong, you’ll want to know it can be fixed swiftly. If your agency has a dedicated client hub, even better. We designed the Myth Client Hub ourselves to bring all of our clients a bespoke support experience that works efficiently and doesn’t feel complicated or laborious to use.

If you’re satisfied that we know everything about successfully outsourcing your mobile app development project, book a discovery session to get started with us.

Jen McCullough
Jen McCullough