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The North Face Journey video campaign.

Video Production

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The North FaceVideo Production
Client The North Face
Completed March 2019
Services — User Experience (UX) — Video Production

One of the world's leading outdoor brands, strives to help people embrace the outdoors.

We partnered with The North Face Ireland to create a video campaign to bring awareness to their Dublin presence, in the heart of the famous Temple Bar. Designing and creating a sequence of videos to raise awareness of the Dublin store location.

The North FaceVideo Production

The Challenge

One of the world's most famous cobbled lanes, Temple Bar is a tourist haven. We were approached to bring awareness to The North Face store in Temple Bar, which was not getting the footfall expected. After several brainstorming sessions we created, The North Face Journey. A social video campaign that would follow several customers in their everyday lives running into outdoor mishaps.

The North FaceVideo Production

The Strategy

Our strategy was threefold. To bring awareness to the store, to grab the attention of consumers, and to increase footfall. The entire video series racked in 122k views, with hundreds of engagements.

The North FaceVideo Production
The North FaceVideo Production

Defining The Location

In order to raise awareness of the location. We identified all major routes walking, cycling and driving to the store in which potential customers might follow, even featuring one journey on a tourist arriving by plane. After which we filmed short films using these routes that would ultimately be shared across social media alongside a contest, using the hashtag #tnfjourney.

The North FaceVideo Production